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My two favorite poop jokes on your site occur in the Frankenchrist and the Can-Unlimited Edition reviews, by the way, in case you're keeping track. The Kontroversy album is pretty neat, but not quite there. 4) albums are hodgepodgish at best, Ray was penning phenomenal singles but not paying too much attention to his long player duties..with this album the scene had changed...... But to live is to love, and this is where Day Ravies really comes through on Facet Of Ace.

"I'm On an Island" is my favorite song on the album, and "Til the End of the Day" is a pretty close second. I'm gonna start with this LP because as far as I'm concerned this is the first Kinks LP... This is music to love: uptempo country-pop, tappy-toe British music hall, gorgeous gentle balladry, regal Left Banke-esque plinkity-plunks for the Royal Family, unhappy dark British smoking a pipe melodies ("Rosy Won't You Please Come Home" LITERALLY sounds like you're playing Clue!

Asspecker, this is one of those DIVERSE albums that tells you something important about the songwriter - he's no juvenile horse with a sole stunt.

He channels a veritable whirlypool of feelings, impressions, constipation and musical styles into his brain-world, expelling them in a gaseous discharge of incomparable melody. And by "poppy," I mainly mean that the songs are full of softer tones -- not the hard grit of "All Day And All Of The Night." I also am not referring to opium, though I'm thinking of converting my kitchen into a den if I can find enough darkness and scumbags. Remember those "Golden Hour of the Kinks" cheapo compilations?

The Kinks sound like rich kids trying to sound like poor kids. Also -- why was producer Shel Talmy writing so many songs about bald women? Or does he just really fucking hate bitches with brain cancer, the cunts? This first album by the KInks is admittedly pretty stinky. Ben Man, the whole reason for this album was to capitalize on the sudden success of "You Really Got Me," and while I wouldn't say it's the only good song on the album, it's the only one that doesn't sound like an embarrassment. There I go again, hallucinating that I'm a psychologist to early 60s rock bands. I lost four wives during the harrowing Gary Lewis and the Playboys child sex cult hearings. It's 1947 and Ray Davies has a col voice, sounding cocky and ironic. Do you want your child growing up around gay people? Gay people are more sensitive than straights, who like football. It's a good album -- shows that Ray loved pop melodicism more than dopey rock and roll of the first album's wilt. So I'll give the actual album a 6/10, but the Castle reissue a 9/10. Everyone loves "Tired of Waiting for You," but I just see it as a simple generic stupid Roy Orbison rip off that just happened to be released as a single. He's a cold, rainy man who was shot in the leg last night thanks to nothing more than the psychic vibrations of my reviews. As for Ray getting shot, I've spent all morning trying to come up with a hilarious joke about it. "When I said I wanted 'a bloody hole,' I was using the word 'bloody' as English slang, and referring to a 'bit of a root' on 'a bird,' and not suggesting that I wanted you to shoot me! So after the first two Kinks albums (which I think were torn and ripped apart for their American releases, but I'm not positive), America's Reprise Records decided to collect some hit singles and EP tracks and thingies from Britain's Pye Records and issue two previously non-existent Kinks albums entitled Kinks-Size and Kinkdom.

): "You Really Got Me" totally rocked for 1964, with a really tough hard distorted guitar tone that Dave created by shoving knitting needles into the ears of his fans, but it's NOT (as many young people claim) the "first heavy metal song ever." The earliest heavy metal song I've heard is Link Wray's "Rumble" (1958), and that doesn't even count Bill Haley's 1956 Metal Up Your Ass LP. A Well Respected Can is on here (written about Jennifer Lopez), as well as See My Friends, probably their coolest pre-Face to Face song, hands down. "Come on Now" is hideous and is one of the few songs I think the world would be better off without. The Brits were all about singles and EPs, and the Americans were all about singles and then putting the singles onto albums to sell the albums.

I dreamt about some weird stuff, and I think it must be real with you to me and all about then where everything why not to under chew pillow etc fie fie ford fjord gat I got your gun with beebles and tree fish ear ear pringle pringle pringle pringle pringle my name's not pringle my name is Ernest Goestocamp. Ray Davies, thank you for becoming a good songwriter until you had a nervous breakdown in 1973 and everything else you did made foul-smelling products emerge from a hole south of my back. If you can find the Castle Communications reissue of this album, buy it immediately - the bonus tracks are more than worth the price of the CD. But what are we doing here, just wasting valuable web space on a bunch of hurdy-gurdy jimmy mack slack?

just the basic 2 guitar line-up and a little help from a harpsichord and you get emotional greatness. (Sorry, the prissy l'il computer wouldn't let me engage in "profain" language). My friend has every kinks album and is obsessed but so far I've only heard this one, kink kontroversy and village green and this is my favorite even though I love those other two as well. Did you know that the Kinks actually LIVE at Kelvin Hall? (I did it wrong the first 600 times but you weren't around to watch).

A 5 is way too nice for this album, even if it has "You Really Got Me" and great drumming. With the loud distorted guitars and the gentle pippity ballads and Ray's smooth coolster voice and some mod American r'n'b influence merged with British pop hall goodness with unforgettably hummable vocal melodies laid atop it all, this may be a stitches-and-sonsofbitches release, but good luck finding a better Kinks product in THIS market!

It doesn't matter, and you will never, ever, ever, ever, ever change the world. It's not BAD, but it's also not particularly GREAT (aside from "You Really Got Me," "So Mystifying" and a Ray original with beautiful harmony vocals called "I Took My Baby Home.") The Pretenders' "Stop Your Sobbing" is on here too, but that song sucks as hard as Chrissy Hynde on Ray Davies' "Flesh Penis". It took me a while, but I have learned to appreciate "Stop Your Sobbing," but I can't help but hear elements of the Beatles song "Not a Second Time" (especially towards the ending). I'm supposed to point out that "All Day And All Of The Night" isn't on an album. Why did Ray Davies let his little brother sing lead? And holy Cripes, is this some fracckking great early Kinks!

Which reminds ms of a point I wanted to make at some point, and now seems good since this first Kinks album is straightforward garage rock fast r'n'b with every song sounding exactly the same. Here's my dumbass guy: "The Sex Pistols were a manufactured band! If you create a band with people who aren't your friends, that is a MANUFACTURED BAND, Tithead. But look at these hits you've heard on the radio: "Who'll Be The Next In Line" and "Ev'rybody's Gonna Be Happy" (fast fun jubilees of Britishized r'n'b), "Set Me Free" and "Such A Shame" (dark brooding guitar masterpieces of love gone ungood), "A Well Respected Man" and "Dedicated Follower Of Fashion" (old-timey music with caustic lyrics about just two of the many, many people that Ray has loathed throughout his life).

Send me 4 dollars and you'll know the epic "OJ Simpson" by Low-Maintenance Perennials. Naked Stenographer.) My point is about manufactured bands. " Here's truth for people who like truth: LOTS of bands are manufactured. (Thanks for nothing, Enron and their friends in the Al-Queda! Sometimes they sound like they could use a Kleenex.

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I can forgive the public for feeling this way, but I will never forget. Have you ever heard the old adage, "The first Kinks album isn't very good"? Because we're here on Mark Prindle Dot Shit and I declare that even though I used to love it as a fun fast example of youthful enjoyment of r'n'b and early rock and roll, my eyes have of late been cleansed to the sordid reality that every song except "You Really Got Me" sounds exactly the same. Imagine the look on his face when her voice came out! Would I have chosen to sing this particular vocal melody to this music? It takes a talented songsmith to craft and etch a memorable doody-dah for the people to hum along to. They sound like an actual band here, and a good one. Forget bonus tracks, this album is good without them. This may be the reason why such a fine era of Kinks Popp Klassix created nary a wink of excitement over here across the border. I'd left it on the turntable from when I was taking notes on the new Pearl Jam rarities compilation.

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