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Her house, situated on a quiet, shady lane a 10-minute rickshaw ride from Tuticorin’s harbor, is a cross between a family home and a boarding house. Rangeela’s monthly salary at Alliance, a nonprofit focused on reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS, is 5,000 rupees, or .The rest of the rent, along with the cost of groceries, water and fuel for her scooter, is paid by the women who stay with her.

That inexperience did not stop her from winning one of Koovagam’s minor beauty pageants, an event sponsored by a state-run AIDS organization.The festival also features a religious ritual: the enactment of a scene from the epic poem “The Mahabharata” in which Lord Krishna transforms into a woman in order to marry Prince Aravan — whose last wish is to be married — before he is sacrificed.Beside the Koovagam temple there is a giant wooden statue of Aravan, a Hindu deity.Each woman in Rangeela’s care is assigned specific responsibilities in the house.When they participate in collection, they travel into downtown Tuticorin together and clap their hands to demand payment in exchange for their blessings.

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