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What's its availability; in production, limited edition or discontinued? SKU Number: 3348900791312 (Tester) Batch Number: 4Z01 (Production Date: December 01, 2014) Age: 18 From: Hookup Size: 100 ML Scent: 3.25/5 (Okay scent, but it's very manly). That she thought this is me when she smelled it is perhaps the biggest compliment I've ever had. My wife picked this for me, and it turned out to be the perfect fit.

The sillage and the longevtiy is really good, the scent is unique, but doesn’t smell good, and not too veratile - classy fall/winter, cold weather scent, non versatile. Somehow, I liked it back then, but I would never wear it today. I can smell the wearer of this one from a long distance off. The bad thing is that if I can't escape, I now find it nauseating and it is so long lasting there is no hope of it calming down. ;-) I used work at a fuel depot on the San Francisco Bay, filling up commercial boats, and this smell of violet and gasoline and leather takes me back there in my youth. It's the only scent I have that feels salty and masculine, with gasoline, and oil, baked into leather. Whatever was happening in designer fragrances in 1988--idk I was 15, i thought my deodorant smelled ok and was fine with that--i'm thankful. If a mass marketing design house can be this bold and creative, then there's hope for corporations in general.

Batch code 4y01 رائحته 10/10 ثباته 8/10 فواحه 8/10 عطر فهرنهايت الجوهرة الخالدة والاسطورة الحية.

واعتقد ان عطر فهرنهايت رغم اعادة صياغته فان رائحته جيده وجميلة جدا ومميزة ومن ناحية الثبات والفواح اقل نسبيا من القديم عن نفسي مقتنع بادائه.

I yearn for violet and petrol in the old high dose.

I should've heeded the warnings here on Fragrantica, re: the recent formulation's performance.

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I didn't try 2016 and newer formulations, but I know it will never be the same again. Today it was cold and rainy in NY, so I sprayed Fahrenheit before I headed to work. This is giant machinery gearing up to change the universe, Tesla coils charged and about to arc, a blood-red sunset with the thunderstorm of the decade closing in while you're on a remote hilltop without shelter, this is your race car going so fast you can feel it come apart. Fahrenheit doesn't fuck about, and it doesn't fit in. The feeling here is of a connectedness with the forces of nature, but with the twist that you are the guy who is poking the sleeping giant, you're the scientist, the explorer, the Great Manipulator who is about to see how nature will react to what you did.

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