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In the study, published in the journal of , Tortoriello and his colleagues explored whether narcissists strategically provoke romantic jealousy, and how the two subtypes are positively connected to jealousy.

A total of 237 undergraduate students were asked to fill out a questionnaire about their personality traits, jealousy-inducing behaviors and the motives for those behaviors.

Meanwhile, the latter describes someone who comes across as shy, socially anxious and quiet, but then becomes stuck-up, and makes others feel worse to boost their self-esteem.

Previous research has found narcissists tend to sabotage relationships by engaging in love-killing behaviors.

1.) You are always wrong and they are always right.

Narcissists rely on an idealized version of themselves to relate to the outside world.

The word is so often misused that we forget which behaviors are narcissistic, or how to tell a narcissist from a self-centered jerk.An examination of motives for deliberate jealousy-induction among subtypes of narcissism. After I ended one unhealthy relationship with a person I almost married I unknowingly jumped into a relationship with someone else. My physical and mental health were going downhill fast.These include purposely flirting with other people; talking about wanting to date other people; commenting how attractive someone else is on a date; and addressing their partner's shortcomings compared to others.Narcissists will provoke jealousy within the relationship, but researchers want to find out why.

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