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This is the story of a young German man, still a virgin, who gets gifted a sex doll as a joke, but the next morning she is suddenly a real person. I think Lisa Tomaschewsky doesn't do too badly with what she is given and she makes the character work somehow, especially in terms of the stale movements as a core message of the plot is that she actually is really still a doll.Yeah well, there are moments when the film really isn't that bad I will admit.It runs slightly over 1.5 hours and the lead actor is Jascha Rust, a relatively young German actor whose body of work (soap operas) is even way worse than Marzuk's, or basically the television equivalent.So yeah, in accordance with this, Rust was definitely one of the biggest weaknesses of this film.These are the sites that I found useful in my search for a Russian Mail Order Bride, whilst I can't guarantee you will find success with any particular one or that you won't come across a scammer on any of them, they are all sites that I used and found useful.This is the site that I actually met my Russian wife on, which also happens to be known to have more than a few scammers on, although that's not surprising considering just how many (literally tousands) of ladies advertise on the site.Although Anastasia Web charge on a email credit basis (i.e.

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The generic conflict with his best friend is exactly what I just said: generic and uninspired and it's been done in so many films and rarely worse. And besides, the main character's transformation just never feels real or authentic which is the consequence of several people messing up, not just Rush.

Anyway, about the best friend character: He is still tolerable, the actor I mean Roland Schreglmann.

The way everything is fixed at the end it is once again very rushed and when the film loses itself in the explosion of the doll for example towards the end, you basically know that the movie has hit rock bottom in its attempts to be convincing, entertaining and memorable and funny of course, but it manages no such things.

The cast isn't helping at all, but you knew that probably by yourself the moment you saw the likes of Ruby O. And the other names you probably have never heard of before (just like the lead actor), even if you are a German film buff.

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But sadly, like I wrote in the title, it gets worse and worse as it goes on.

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