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De er tildelt en opgave, om en ung kvinde, Brooke Taylor Windham (Ali Larter), som er mistænkt for at have dræbt sin velhavende mand.

Windham, der er tidligere medlem af Elles forening af kvindelige studenter og en berømt fitness-instruktør, forsøger at overbevise Elle om sin uskyld.

“They have probably realized that it’s all based on nothing but hot air,” says Pierre Delaere of the University of Leuven in Belgium, one of the first to criticize Macchiarini’s work.

Yet despite a passionate plea by four Swedish doctors who blew the whistle on Macchiarini’s work at Karolinska in 2014, Russian authorities appear to have no plans to launch a misconduct investigation of his work in Russia.

Hun har stadig svært ved at blive taget seriøst, selvom Emmett Richmond (Luke Wilson), assistent til Callahan (Victor Garber), en af Elles professorer, er venlig mod hende og opdager hendes potentiale.

Sammen med Warner og Vivian bliver Elle ansat som praktikant i Callahans advokatfirma.

After Paolo Macchiarini’s star fell in Sweden, the Italian surgeon still had a place to shine: Russia.

In Sweden, where the case has plunged science into a crisis, investigations continue into allegations including involuntary manslaughter.The decision came 9 days after retracted a paper by Macchiarini that documented successful esophagus transplantations in rats.Minutes of a meeting made public last week show that Kazan Federal University (KFU), Macchiarini’s current employer, decided to end his research project there on 20 April, effectively firing him.“Seeded” with stem cells, it was supposed to grow into a new, fully functional organ.(He initially used donor tracheas as a basis, but later switched to an artificial scaffold.) But he has been accused of painting a false picture of his patients in scientific papers, several of which have been retracted; operating without ethical approval; and lying on his CV.

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