Dealing with an ex wife when dating

I found it a little to late but it may give you a shot to save it. Unfortunately there isn't a tried and true remedy that will completely protect you from this kind of emotional upheaval particularly since you didn't ask for the separation.

Now she may want to date soon as we're seperated and I know it'll kill me to see that. With another man touching her making love to her especially when I fear he'll be larger in the downstairs department and she'll enjoy it so much?

I have been dating a 48 year old man for about 5 months.

He has been divorced since 2004 and they share a joint conservatorship of their 3 year old son.

He has broken up with me on many occassions to "keep me safe" so he claims, because he loves me too much. hmm..easier said than done but I'd run like the dickens. Unfortunately it is him who will have to make the decision whether or not he wants to continue enabling her and risk losing you OR step up and do what is right for his son and his own happiness. My boyfriend ran out of my place and she began to call him a liar. I would help him with his legal endeavors and that I would not allow her to control him anymore. Some thoughts: 1) "He has been divorced since 2004 and they share a joint conservatorship of their 3 year old son." Wait, I don't get the math here. If he was intimate with her 2 years after their divorce, you have a problem. Because this woman, who is bi-polar, had an intimate relationship with your BF after they were legally divorced.

She controls his life, tells him what to do, when to do it, how to do it and he does it. He gets so upset when he gets caught by her being with me. I love him and want to be with him, but it is so much drama. If he is having anxiety attacks over this it does not take a physician to see it is unhealthy. She began to tell him that she was going to file a restraining order to keep me away from her son. Later he told me, she had him in the car the entire time she was banging on my door and yelling at him. I told her I would do everything in my power to assist him in gaining control of his life and still having visitation with his child the legal way. I don't want him resenting me for bringing this one. They've been divorced for almost 6 years, but they have a 3 year-old son? If this is the case, you have a woman who is mentally unstable, and a BF who was so incapable of drawing and maintaining boundaries that he slept with her after their divorce. I understand that he tells you he just wants to keep the peace with her. About 3 months after I met him, I realized that his situation with her was a lot like your BF's -- although not NEARLY this extreme.

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As we began to date, he stopped spending much time with her. When she found out we were seeing each other, she started making threats about calling CPS and claiming I'm an unfit mother.

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