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Personally, I could give a shit; I had nothing against pre-marital sex and had just ended a three year relationship held together, at the end, only by the anticipation of the great make-up sex after each fight, but to my surprise Magda and Andrew did not put up a fuss.

I put the binoculars down, but kept glancing at the island and curiosity finally got the best of me.Real people, really enjoying each other...purely sexy! Talks dirty in just the right way, has an insane body, is horny as hell, and absolutely loves to fuck! the dirtier the better makes me so wet and horny my hubby and I love fucking after watching this ..... my fella and i talk dirty like this its such a turn on, i tell him how to lick my pussy and stick his tongue up my cunt and suck on that clit, and to stick his big hard cock in my pussy and ram it in hard again and again...im coming now!!! she would go wild with 2 cocks wouldn't she .....there is nothing like hard horny balls banging up against your ass ..... * * * * "I didn't realize how small it was." The "it" was my truck, a Toyota Tacoma. He was wealthy and I guess when he'd heard I had a pick-up truck he'd assumed it would be top-of-the-line. I was 26, a full time X-Ray technician, and a part time personal trainer.I preferred the latter, but I was just getting started and a girl needs to make a living.

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