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I am interested in the ASUS Signature Edition versions, as well as the Surface 3, probably a Pro version to get the HD Gb storage.

My biggest concern with these new machines is the high-gloss monitor -- I wear spectacles and have always had difficulty looking 'through' such high reflective surfaces, whether on a framed picture or on PCs. I am surprised that the PC manufacturers would even consider using such high reflective surfaces for this reason and am very disappointed with the product offerings as a result.

I don't really need all the whizbang stuff, eg Xbox Skype etc. Since speaking with the ASUS techie, I've been looking at the Microsoft Store to find Win10 PCs I could be interested in purchasing.but I had fun doing a little tweaking of my own anyhow. Again, many of these tweaks are already applied in Ubuntu-eee …A nice quick overview on setting up Ubuntu Netbook Remix on an Eee PC, with links to some key sites: Install these repositories, use the “hack” tips: for improving battery life. I ran the packages (eee-osd must have since become deprecated, as it was uninstalled by apt in an update a few days ago ?? I installed the Ubuntu 8.04 version of CNR (Click-n-run), which then allowed me to install software from the official Asus Eee CNR site. CD Make sure you are connected to the internet and then get the packages you want. Boot with the livecd, once you have got past the start screen you will get options for language, location and keyboard layouts.The installer will then detect hardware and ask for network configurations.

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