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With all of this setup done, it is finally time to make use of this configuration management infrastructure.Doing so is pretty easy — work as you normally do when installing packages and making changes to configuration files.Gentoo is a distribution that prides itself on being extra-configurable, processor native, and easy to update.Gentoo users usually compile their installation from srouce, but while it's great to nitpick on the details, Gentoo also has the option of installing a precompiled system quickly from a Live CD.Gentoo will install dev-db/maria by default unless you configure otherwise.This will need to be configured prior to running Zone Minder and adding its database.Gentoo has its own comprehensive install guide which is regularly updated, this can be found in the Gentoo Handbook.

You will need to unmask the package Zone Minder currently depends on mysql.Note that there is no file locking going on here, so there is a remote chance that the /server-rcs version (but not the /var/lib/portage version) could get corrupted. With the /server-rcs directory prepared, we now just need to get it into the RCS.These are Subversion commands: Because of the in-place import problem for pre-existing directories (described earlier), we likely had to create some of the repository directory structure already.For that reason, it might be worth considering that option.)One special case is the portage ‘‘ runs, the world file is rewritten and the order of package names is seemingly random.This wrecks havoc with the ‘diff’ function of the RCS — it seems like a lot more has changed than just the addition or removal of a package or two.

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RCS systems are common for software development shops as a way to track changes to source code.

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