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However, one awkward thing happened in the morning and it was all because of one song.

Next is Riccardo, a struggling Hollywood actor…who can't act.

and the reason si something none of us could have imagined. Erin went online and what she found made her freak out. Read More » Mark and Allison went on the cutest date of all time – even Brooke wanted to date him!

Now she feels bad she yelled at him on the phone and wants another chance… – However, for some reason Allison isn’t calling Mark back even though she admitted to us that she REALLY wants to go out with him and she has even been working on a gift for him!

Starring Tatyana Ali (Nora's Hair Salon), Wesley Jonathan (Rollbounce, Crossover), Erica Hubbard (Deliver Us From Eva) and Erica Hubbard (Akeelah and the Bee, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants), The romantic comedy is about three friends who embark on a quest to have fun and chase their dreams.

Ocean is a struggling cartoonist whose actress girlfriend, Zora, dumps him after landing a role on the hottest sitcom on television.

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