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Usually, this would involve short-term sex (single parenting, cheating, cuckolding, etc.) to get good genes from a fit and masculine man, while getting investment and parenting from another man with good resources [3]. Another researchers surveyed 1,365 women from 11 countries, ranging in age from 14 to 68, about their preferences in a male partner and found that women generally preferred the “dad” type men for a long-term partner and the “cad” type men for a short-term sexual affair. Fifty Shades is Associated with Health Risks in Adolescent and Young Adult Females // Journal of Women’s Health. In some societies, military men who are dressed up in their uniforms are being perceived as having a sex-appeal that is superior to those who wear simple clothes [Schreiber, Van Vugt, 2008]. The women’s predilection for warriors and the military uniform’s sex-appeal represent a reminiscence of women’s ancestral preferences for men with high social status (resource owners); from times when the hierarchical position was directly associated with warlike abilities and aggressive behavior. Other studies also have shown that women express increased preference for masculine traits when male-on-male aggression occurs. Images of male-on-female aggression, on contrary, elicited in women feelings of disgust and anger.

More recently, one study published in the journal ”Evolution And Human Behaviour” showed that women are more likely to find a soldier attractive, and are more inclined to date him, if he had been awarded a medal for bravery in combat.

The results suggest women process men’s facial and vocal traits as signals of aggressive potential and lose any preference for these traits with cues indicating men might direct this aggression toward them [Li et al., 2014].

Evolutionary psychologists David Buss and Todd Shackelford identified that women desired men with traits in the following four dimensions: 1.

Also, the guys with more masculine faces are preferred, them being associated with a greater physical strength therefore, with better genes [Little et al., 2011]. The Puzzling Attractiveness of Male Shame // Evolutionary Psychology.

And, the more difficult and unstable the living conditions are, the more emphasized are these preferences [De Bruine et al., 2011]; in regions were the epidemic situation is more dangerous, where the population is more vulnerable to diseases, men with masculine facial traits are more attractive to women than those with womanish faces, due to the fact that masculinity correlates with testosterone and with high resistance to infections [6].

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But displays of heroism in other fields, such as in sports or in business, had no effect on how likely women were to find a man attractive.

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