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Items to Collect: Once you're done, head up and to the right from the town the way you came in, and head back to the train station. You now have 15 seconds to head out of each car — just follow where the rest of the group are running again.

Although you will have to move very fast, if you quickly speak to the man in the back right corner of the first car, you will receive a Phoenix Down.

The fight is unusual in that Tifa and Barret are on one side and Cloud on the other.

Take advantage of this fact if you can, by alternating attacks so Air Buster's back is to the attacker.

Barret hinted that the weapons store guy knows something.

Talk to the guy behind the fence and he sends you upstairs.

Afterward it will give you the chance to run away, or continue fighting another set.

This tactic is especially effective with Limit Breaks; someone on one side draws its attention first, then a party member on the opposite side attacks it with a Limit Break.

Keep hacking and Bolting the thing, as you heal up from its retaliations and cannons.

To continue towards your goal, head towards the top of the screen until you reach a security gate.

Examine the air conditioning duct on the left and head down. You don't have people running ahead of you to guide you, but whatever route you take, you'll finally end up to the crawl-way leading to the reactor and a save point. Head to the reactor core room again, plant the bomb, and Cloud gets another flashback, although there isn't a boss fight here. Try to hit the button at the exact same moment as the others.

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Eventually you'll reach the last car, talk to Tifa two times, and you will get to jump out of the train.

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