Foreigner dating in south korea

It was sweet that he cared, but definitely caused me to raise a curious eyebrow.

I can’t think of many men who would just up and do that back home, not because they didn’t care, but because they could just as easily bring me soup and make sure I made a doctor’s appointment for the next day.

There’s someone out there for everyone, and I wholeheartedly suggest you get out there and experience any new adventures you decide on for yourself!

I see myself as a lively, bright and sociable girl.

I’ve actually gotten lots questions from friends and family back home about whether or not I am, and this is a direct quote, “a prematurely made cat lady who is obviously lonely out of her mind” because I’m a foreigner living in another country. Like, of everywhere else I’ve ever been it seems that being alone here is one of the number one problems you could ever have. It’s addressed in every movie, sitcom, and drama you’ll ever see here. Our bosses asked all of the foreign teachers on our first day about our relationship statuses and were wholeheartedly flummoxed and disappointed that all 4 of us were single.

The question had so many wrong parts to it it was hard to know where to begin, but I’ll go ahead and start with the fact that I am actually allergic to cat hair and therefore don’t think I’ll be a cat lady until they discover a permanent vaccine for said allergy. One of the first questions anyone will ask you when they first meet you, often right after your name and where are you from, is “Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? It’s like being single here is as novel a concept as Americans not having Starbucks.

As a young woman, I kept wondering about how I should act, and how much of myself I should show men.

She should be resilient but needs to be rescued when hardship arises. I could concede that independent and dependent tendencies might coexist in a person, certainly, but often they don’t go together.

I can’t tell you how many texts I’ve gotten warning me to be careful I don’t get a cold, that I’m eating properly, to go get medicine if whether I think my runny nose is just allergies or not.

I had a friend whose fairly new Korean boyfriend looked up and then sent her the name of every hospital within a 20 miles radius of where she lived, and then sent her directions to each one because he lived in Seoul and couldn’t take her there himself.

Honestly his checking on her was great, I was just surprised at how he seemed to care when they’d only been dating a few weeks.

Dates themselves are pretty much like every other date I’ve been on regardless of where I am in the world.

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