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We both knew people there and it looked promising, since we could stay places for free and people would suggest things to do. After all, our definite aim was to make it to a nice coast following our dreary and rainy trip through the autumn weather of Northern Europe last year.But, alas, the price was simply too high to go to Portugal - I didn’t want to pay the plane ticket, Misha said there was no way she was going to sit on a bus for three days (out of two weeks worth of holidays), so we started looking elsewhere. Plus, I thought we could take a short trip to White Russia or whatever it’s called - another country and not so far away from Gdansk.The record is available to download on i Tunes, and it will reportedly land on his upcoming project Bitch Im The Shit 2.

We were originally talking a lot about going to Portugal.Valery turned out to be a guy, who was also expecting to find a Karel of the opposite sex. Jumped on the first bus heading south, which happened to be for Ohtopol.But we had a good time and all of us partied until when our bus left for Bourgus that evening (we didn’t want to pay overnight in Sofia but rather make it to the coast sooner than later). Was full and we were forced to stand almost two hours.So now I’m on the bus heading to Bulgaria, while passing through Hungary. My old laptop decided to fail about three weeks ago and this trip has hastened my necessity to eventually get another laptop.Found some Vietnamese dude I felt I could trust and bought off him a second hand laptop, imported from Switzerland (hopefully not stolen from an honest business man like me…).

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In Yugoslavia we had to pay 7 USD just for passing through the country.

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