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We are one of the very few sites whose primary focus is TJ and have many posts and archived info on all aspects of Tijuana with many photos and posts from our members. Learn all about our Memberships and Discussion Board.

The info on Juan's Tijuana is for informational purposes only.

We may voice our opinion or give recommendations but we receive no monies to do so.

If this is what you are looking for, please leave now! It is for the newbie who has never been to Tijuana or any other world destination and wants a lot of info and has questions.Juan's Tijuana goal is to introduce you to Tijuana and learn everything about Tijuana.The restaurants, food carts, hotels, transportation, how to stay safe in TJ, with all the stories heard about how dangerous TJ is, the bars, nightlife and all other legal aspects of TJ. We also provide Tijuana Tours for those interested.Many of our site members travel all over the world.We hope this site can provide enjoyment until your next visits.

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We also have an overview on the world travel scene.

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