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Not once did he politely tell me to take the review off, and not once did he read anything I wrote toward him saying I had the right to post my review the way I did. I got one email saying I could change my privacy settings. The advice I got from my Vox followers was better than the Vox platform's "help." After the actor made a Vox blog to specifically target me, I ended up deleting the review to get the actor to leave me alone. Since then, I've operated a few social media accounts, along with a couple I've had before I was harassed by this actor.I don't post pictures of myself freely on most social media accounts, and I refuse to have an avatar of myself on nearly all of them.I was prepared to deal with a fair amount of criticism—and there was a lot of it—but I was not prepared to deal with someone going out of his/her way to ruin my life for the next five years.

My ability to play would be suspended for using the game's reporting features to not face this kind of language. It infuriates me, but I will not put my sanity or physical safety at risk. I go into the BBW room, which has the more tame chatters in it.

I've seen it happen to other women commenting on pop culture.

The harassment of high-profile women on the Internet has devastating ripple effects, and I wonder how many other young women are silencing themselves before they've even received any harassment or abuse because they've seen what happens to the women who do speak up on the Internet.

(The actor's been in some critically lauded movies, but he's far from a household name.) I wrote a fair review on why I didn’t like the cookbook and why I couldn’t recommend it to others, especially as a college student. I'm an African-American female, and at the time I was overweight.

The actor, who apparently Googled himself, found his way to my Vox blog and then called me racial slurs and “fat” all because I didn’t like his cookbook.

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The attacks can be very vicious and vile and almost always result in immediate blocking where social media allows this.

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