Geochronometers and radio carbon dating

This temperature estimate is based on numerous methods including climate models and various paleothermometers (estimates of historical temperatures from proxy variables).However, the primary justification for this estimate is derived from sea-floor sediment data (Vardiman, 1996).The water fills the deepest trenches on earth to about 35,000 feet below sea level.Only the mountains and higher terrain extend above sea level.A small amount of water exists on a few of the other planets in either gaseous or frozen form, but only the Earth has liquid water.

God has truly given us a beautiful place to call home.

The ocean and atmosphere, the grasses and forests, the mountains and deserts, and the clouds and snow reflect, absorb, and scatter various colors of the rainbow.

For example, during the day, blue light is selectively scattered by the atmosphere to form a beautiful, blue canopy of light.

Each of these properties is important, but probably, the most significant property for a discussion of the interplay between the ocean and the atmosphere is the massive influence the ocean has on the atmosphere.

The ocean’s mass is almost 2,500 times greater than that of the atmosphere and its specific heat is about 4 times greater, so the ocean contains approximately 10,000 times more energy than the atmosphere.

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The amount of water in the ocean is sufficient to cover the entire Earth to a depth of about 8,000 feet if the surface of the earth was completely smooth.

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