My friend dating my crush

As my best friend was crying about her freshman boyfriend not being good enough, I was trying to contain my excitement that the FREAKING HOTTEST GUY IN THE GRADE JUST TEXTED ME and tried to comfort her but my fingers felt the urge to text him back .35 seconds after he texted me. It was a long treacherous journey to become my high school crush's girlfriend but honestly, I wouldn't take back the "all nighters" crying about how much "I liked him more than he liked me" and the constant eye rolls I handed out to girls talking to him, LIKE THEY HAD A CHANCE.

I've never felt more comfortable with this kid, even if he was the hottest kid the graduating 2016 class.

I (I'm 13 this month, 2nd year at school) made really good friends with a guy (who is 13 and 2nd year at school too), We were really happy.

But, the results are stunning so far so I guess I'll have to settle for the above average boy (sorry, babe I'm kidding).

Where to start, where to start, he was (that's what the new generation calls dating but not really dating just kissing occasionally and texting each other night and day but definitely NOT dating) to one of my friends and I pretended that I wasn't jealous but it just so happened that, one night he kissed me goodbye instead of her and just so happened to get my number.

I remember the first time I saw him walking down the hall, I turned to my best friend and said to her "I'm going to kiss him before we graduate" and before I knew it I was calling him my boyfriend..years later but hey who doesn't like the chase?

I've seen millions of movies that depict a below average girl falling for the above average boy and somehow they end up being the perfect couple.

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I had a big party, he texted to say he'd be late, no big deal...until his sister told me he was on a date so he probably wouldn't be there. Be honest, if you weren't back in your sleepy town, and were somewhere with more options, would this guy being with another girl really stress you so much?

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