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How has crochet, or other forms of needlework, aided in your own recovery?'What,” Grandma wanted to know, “did you wear to that dinner you were at last night? I’m writing this piece in the hope that anyone reading it who may be caring for a terminally ill friend or relative who is expected to die at home can avoid falling into the same trap.Instead, he explained that despite the thick file of medical notes, her age, and the fact that she had been seen several times a day by NHS professionals, he was required to refer the death to the coroner, who would then determine the cause of death. The undertaker, we learnt, is only temporary; you can later switch if you like – and we did, a couple of days later – to one of your choice, who will also look after the body in their own chapel of rest.As for the coroner, what really bothered us was the prospect of a post mortem.I know it will sound silly – what does it matter once someone is dead?– but in the immediate aftermath of the death of someone you have been nursing, it sounds barbaric.

But when that happens, your private moment of grief is hijacked by the relentless machinery of the state, which can be incredibly distressing. She had been almost impossibly well her entire life, despite a diet heavy in purple Silk Cut, but fell ill just before Christmas.Here they were letting guys who looked just like terrorists walk through without searching them, and then they pull me aside and tell me they’re going to search me?I don’t think so.” According to one witness, Bud Cort of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, one guard, “who weighed about 300 pounds, looked like he was drunk, and had his shirt out, told this woman she couldn’t board the plane unless they searched her. That’s when the trouble started.” Videotapes showed that Gordon ran the guard down with her motorized wheelchair, then sat on top of the screaming man while spinning her chair in circles.Swaddle a special baby with this special christening blanket.Mimi Seyferth’s “Jabez Ridgwell’s Christening Blanket” uses the granny-square motif that Boer War veteran Jabez Ridgwell used on the christening blanket he made during rehabilitation, following the injuries he received in the war. I can relate to the healing powers of crochet while on the mend.

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