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I plan on bringing her something that will please her.At Arkansa[s]-May 1, 1749.1 This letter affords a rare glimpse of life at Arkansas Post in the eighteenth century, as well as an opportunity to reconstruct the life story of an Arkansas colonial, something that few historians have attempted.Unless otherwise directed by the court, no investigation is required when a grandfather, grandmother, great-grandfather, great-grandmother, great-uncle, great-aunt, brother, half-brother, sister, half-sister, aunt, or uncle of the first degree and their respective spouses seek to adopt a minor grandchild, brother, half-brother, sister, half-sister, nephew, niece, greatgrandchild, great niece, great nephew.The department shall be authorized to make a thorough investigation of the proposed parents and their home to determine whether they are financially able, physically able, and morally fit to have care, supervision, training, and control of the child.Sir I take advantage of this opportunity by way of my brother who is going down to New Orleans to assure you of my very sincere regards and at the same time to beg you to forgive me because I did not keep my word, but Sir it was not my fault.

In every adoption proceeding, after a child has been placed in the home, a postplacement investigation must be conducted as soon as possible after notice of the placement but within 45 days after the placement.Some Yazoos killed a man and a woman and took five as slaves. I am, Sir, and will remain all my life with all respect and submission, Sir.Your humble and very obedient servant, François Sarazin Compliments if you please to Poupée.Consequently I will not be going down this year, because the voyageurs [French independent traders] who are beholden to me have not returned, they have been gone to trap game in the Arkansa[s] since this autumn, to make your pots [of bear oil] that I owe you, which I was unable to make this year.I beg you to excuse me for not having sent them to you, but I hope you will be pleased when I do come down.

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François' parents, Anne Françoise Rolland and Nicholas Sarazin, were among the first French settlers to arrive in Louisiana, which then encompassed much of the Mississippi Valley.

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  1. That wasn’t the most prudent thing to do — it’s like if you were the head coach of a football team and promised a player they could play both football and baseball.