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“It’s heartbreaking,” Jony Ive, Apple design chief, said earlier this month at Vanity Fair’s New Establishment summit.Powell actively lobbied against the making of the movie, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak told the Wall Street Journal that the film is “about Jobs and his personality.The new company, Pixar, would eventually produce the first fully computer-animated film, Toy Story—an event made possible in part because of Jobs's financial support. Within a few months of the merger, Jobs became CEO of his former company; he revived Apple at the verge of bankruptcy.Beginning in 1997 with the "Think different" advertising campaign, Jobs worked closely with designer Jonathan Ive to develop a line of products that would have larger cultural ramifications: the i Mac, i Tunes and i Tunes Store, Apple Store, i Pod, i Phone, App Store, and the i Pad.Jobs and Wozniak co-founded Apple in 1976 to sell Wozniak's Apple I personal computer.The visionaries gained fame and wealth a year later for the Apple II, one of the first highly successful mass-produced personal computers.It’s also a notably asexual discussion about sex: The CEO’s question to the woman the movie frames as his Marketing Director Friday isn’t a come-on, really; it’s simply an intellectual wondering.

Following a long power struggle, Jobs was forced out of Apple in 1985.I feel that it did a great job.” (The WSJ notes that Wozniak was a paid consultant for the film.) Former Apple CEO John Sculley, who had a complicated relationship with Jobs, reportedly said: “While [the dialogue] may not have been the exact words that were spoken, it represented the kind of dialogue that said ‘yes, that’s that person’.” Still, Mossberg notes in his review: Nobody basing their knowledge of Steve Jobs on this film would know that he had a happy marriage, that he loved his children, and that he led the creation of the i Phone.They wouldn’t have seen the passion of his actual product introductions, because the conceit of the film is that it takes place backstage just before three of them, and never shows the actual events. ” Steve Jobs (Michael Fassbender) asks his marketing director and confidante, Joanna Hoffman (Kate Winslet), before one of the dramatic product launches that frame the movie named for him.Joanna, without missing a beat, gives her reply: “Because I’m not in love with you.” Steve nods. In one sense, the exchange is classic Aaron Sorkin: snappy, revealing, fraught both despite and because of its nonchalance.

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