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First, Tina didn’t catch onto his hint and assumed that he was calling to organize another investigation, presumably at the fairgrounds to find Finnwich. Biffy: *Matching her tone* I thought you were joking. Yes, viewers, this really is a date between them, despite Biffy’s claims to the contrary.

Then Jenny joined the conversation to ask Lee if she could head over to his place to work on the book (Yeah, I’m not sure his mom would be that lenient on his “free day”) only to have Tina blurt out her and Lee’s exclusive mission. And instead of staying at her place and get caught by Cassandra, Kimmie decided to take Biffy out somewhere else.

Our Swedish meatball is in dire straits ever since he was turned by Greta for a study session with Steve at the mall. Jenny to Tina: Tina would’ve gone further with that but the cold-turkey bet was still in affect and instead decided to focus on the task at hand.

OK, it’s official; that quarterback really does have a thing for the Mathlete girl. Instead, El Prez had to turn down Lee for his own sub-plot. And thus the trio snuck through the gates’ bars, with Jenny taking up the rear after punching herself when her picking-impulse kicked in.

Pushing aside a curtain, our hero sees our two damsels in distress tied up to two chairs that are suspended over a two super-large double doors [What? Lee rushes in to save them, but Tina and Jenny warn him to stay away because…Day 76/X25: Unaware that they’re currently being watched & photographed by that creepy ninja stalker, the Ping family were heavily engaged in their usual Saturday morning rituals: Mr. Ping being all lovey-dovey, while Lee eats his cereal and watches TV (something I’ll just assume wasn’t a punishment restriction). In actuality, he’s on “Kimmie’s mom recon duty” today and was currently waiting outside of the Mc Adams house.

Suddenly, his parents pop in to tell him that his grounding has been lifted for the day since they have some “plans” of their own. Knowing exactly what that’s code for, Lee lets him off with some teasing remarks directed towards the big guy’s apparent forehead zit.

On the brighter side, it looks like Kimmie’s “super-secret-dating-spot” is the mall food court. Seeing an opportunity for some mischief, Kimmie interrupts the cock-fight by telling Holger and Steve that she’s got a solution to their relationship woes, calling it a “Kim-tervention”. Right where we left Lee, he was fruitlessly searching for Tina and Jenny, when suddenly a group of Finnwich’s drones appear in puffs of smoke and try to abduct him! Naturally, Biffy finds this all to be BS and decides to take this whole situation to what he calls a “Biff-tervention” [Oy vey, this isn’t gonna end well]. “Attempt” is the operating word as all three of the teens get under his skin with Tina and Lee making his follicle-deficiency all the more obvious and Jenny poking holes his “master plan”, resulting in this little outburst: Now back on track, Lynch uses a doorknocker (because we’ve established that he has a fetish for knocking on doors) on a giant novelty door to open up the double-doors directly underneath Tina and Jenny. a swimming pool of Green Apple Splat that is so beyond its expiration date that it’s apparently acidic [who else but Lynch? Fully aware of what Lynch was after, Lee tells him that the Council already took the key, but the bald mastermind doesn’t buy it and abruptly lowers the girls closer to the pool. Or perhaps I, The Amazing Finnwich, replaced your harmful soda-pop with common Uruguayan molasses.

Meanwhile back in the main plot and having been assured that he and the girls will be free afterwards, Lee was just about tell to Finnwich about the Pyramid’s location before Lynch clamped his mouth. Wait a minute, corndogs, five past twelve, this is the reason that this episode is called “Corndog Day Afternoon”. Amy Benham (This episode’s writer): Suprisingly enough, the sight of dudes porking out on numerous corn-breaded meat-byproducts was just too much for Greta to take, so she stealthily walked away .Not only did the dude change accounts, he also bounced his IP, leaving no trace for Grayson to salvage. And now that Lee’s here, he might actually get the info that Lynch was trying to withhold.Cheaters: At that moment, Brandy came downstairs, demanding answers as to why she was stood up and why these students are all here. It’s nearly noon, and the blackmailees are still unable to find a common denominator among themselves outside of “amazing muscles” [To which I call bullshit for most of the people in the room, though that could be just an account for their character design], not helped by Brandy’s eagerness to get on with the “show”.Even Biffy lampshades this: Are you gonna finish that corndog? And just when it looks like he was in the clear, the part of the ground he stepped on suddenly gave way, taking him screaming underground. Unfortunately, this little addition of info sets Lynch off to just drop the girls, causing Lee to wrestle him away from his control-knocker. Still referring to the teen as “Manifestum”, Finnwich informs Lee (and the audience) that Lynch is actually working for him as an assistant, though it’s only temporary and based on the barter.*Takes it anyway*Biffy: Hey, you didn’t want, and I quote, “anything disgusting and fatty.”Kimmie: *Finishes the corndog in two quick bites* As long as I didn’t order it, it doesn’t count. I’m bored Biffy: Why is it my job to entertain you? Back in Sótano del Martinez, Operation: “Track the Blackmailer’s Email” was a complete bust. This would prove foolhardy as Lee’s scuffle causes him to ram Lynch into the knocker, causing the girls to drop to their appley-acidic doom. In return for providing Lynch protection from the council (explains why the Finnwich-bots showed up before), Finnwich was promised the location of the Antiquus Triangulum (the Pyramids’ Latin name).

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