Virtual interactive dating game

Still, really open ended and has some pretty hot scenes.

nice game, but i`m playing on internet explorer (and i know i have to enable the script thing) and i can play normally, but when i reach the videos (i guess they`re videos), i can`t see them, just a black square with the red cross top left. Nice graphics, agree with earlier post about small-breasted women being nice for a change.

The only ending I can get is the cowgirl one (and even then the ending is broken). Good puzzle-ish game, not much in the way of graphics though. BTW, I`ve got both girls in the hotel room, we`ve played the drinking game, and Amy always says I`ll upset Jen.

What are the other possibilities, and how can I access them? Okay, so I`ve had some more success, but I seem to have found two broken endings.

s find a spond to relax 13) Play truth and dare 14) Truth 15) Yes, of course 16) ask whatever you want 17) Dare 18) As you wish 19) Dare her to strip E. s play some games 21) During the game click on Jen, Jen and Ami (in this order) 22) Why don?? In rock paper scissors, there are two regions for clicking in each screen that determine the winner. If it works, you`ll get them kissing each other, and you`re off.

Threesome Ending 9) Buy Viagra 10) Go to the fitness center 11) Do exercise -- Weight ( x3 ) 13) Back to the pool 14) Kiss her lips 15) Suggest freshen up 16) Wait 17) Go after her to a locker room 18) It?? When you get to the "broken" pages, view the page source.

You`ll have to open a new window and paste the URL in, but that`s not so hard.

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Well, this game is good, but once you have played the developers later games you will get a bit disappointed. Because of this I can only get a couple of the endings. I went to the beach and found out I had bought the bikini for her without ever choosing it.

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The walkthrough that was posted seems to be inaccurate or confusing on most of the endings. It has brought reality into the whole concept of dating.. Consider the girl to be a real person and you`ll make it through... While the quality of the images is good, The model for the girl is a little rough.

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