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Hope that one day through your efforts to make Chinese culture more people around the world to see and accept. According to the Taiwan media reported on March 12, artist S (Xu Xiyuan) debut nearly 23 years, all the way to rely on a strong will, the requirements of self-perfection, success in the entertainment circle has a certain position, she recently in the face book For the public voice, called on "termination of children by violence," but was friends ruthless face stiff like "plastic people", she issued a counterattack on the 12th, users to stop the network language bullying, and back to choke "next time you will be subject to the law Sanctions!"Big S on the 10th in the facebook to share a self-portrait, and called on users to support public welfare, in response to the "termination of children by violence," the activities did not expect to lead users ruthless acid, "Why join the ranks of plastic?

Congratulations Xuan Xuan ~ u find the pain you love Naiyou handsome companion for a drink to celebrate the next ㄧ Oh happy ️" before Ady always communicated with her Friends and not, but she married this thing seems to confirm, rumors are really rumors ah!Big S Xu Xiyuan said with a smile, "I still like long hair of their own, but for a knife cut long hair do not regret, and life for the first time to stay short hair to know the original really good finishing, whether it is to take care of children or It was a lot of time to wash my hair."" I married my husband for seven years, and he saw me cut short hair and praised that day, and I seemed to help him change a wife."Big S Xu Xiyuan said in an interview: "This will suddenly cut hair even I feel very impulsive, mainly because now the focus is on the family, in order to facilitate the care of children will cut all the baby has long been long hair ; Then raised a thought to say that since it is necessary to cut and then cut a little shorter, it becomes so short hair now."" I married my husband for seven years, and he saw me cut short hair and praised that day, and I seemed to help him change a wife. Was Wang Xiaofei with the big S's daily laugh death, the original is a landlord home silly son, once again lamented the big S married too much better than the small S ah (PART2) Big S actually want to answer him, but then he did not know Ma Jintao or Zhou Jie upper body, shaking his wife violently, afraid she could not sleep.

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  1. The third season (after Ritter's death) took a creative turn, revolving more around cousin C. (David Spade) and grandfather Jim (James Garner), than the immediate Hennessy family, more specifically not revolving around the raising of the Hennessy girls.