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He advised that I take on such journalistic missions more often, as I clean up quite well when abstaining from oversize button-downs and beanies.

I advised him to continue dating 23-year-olds, who abstain from oversize button-downs categorically.

Only three of them turned out to be presentable, prompting a newfound appreciation for Kim and her ability to look camera-ready at all times.

As only happens in New York, at that moment a group of young models walked by.

To my shock, his reaction was not all that different from Richard Gere’s: “Wow, you look magnificent,” he said, giving me that newly familiar up-and-down.

Curious to see what was in store for me on the other side, I decided to test out a Kim K.–inspired outfit—on a date, no less. Among her recent run of relatively subdued monochromatic ensembles, I discovered an affinity for sheer body-con dresses (including a tiny Dolce & Gabbana number with a Virgin Mary insert), lace shorts of the lingerie variety (worn with a fully unbuttoned blouse, bien sûr), and a skintight leather miniskirt, paired with everything from lace camisoles to plunging bodysuits.There the they were—the stares, the winks, the head-to-toe evaluations—all that unnecessary sexual attention I had shaken off at the same time that my confidence had learned to exist independently.As we approached the Beekman, my walk down memory lane was overtaken by a feeling of sheer embarrassment.Respectable-looking couples were pulling up to the hotel, the women dressed in beautiful summer dresses, with not a single bathing suit in sight.Ignoring their blatant judgement, I disguised myself with oversize shades and made my lady-in-waiting–slash–personal paparazzo snap a few hundred photos of me.

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Coincidentally, this is the same ex who used to routinely complain about me looking like “a bum in a beanie.” Boy, was I about to show him!

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