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Sure, the paint salesman from Illinois was marketable in the sense that he appealed directly to the Idol demographic of aging ladies. Sanjaya Malakar (Season 6, Placed 7th)Idol first became dangerously self-aware when this Seattle-born 17-year-old garnered the attention of talent-show-obsessive Howard Stern, as well as Vote for the Worst, whose gleeful trolling of the Idol voting apparatus was as overblown as it was sorta funny.

But there was something off about his rise to the top, especially when that final showdown came to pass. Sanjaya, a Stevie Wonder devotee, debuted on the show with a sweet rendition of “Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours,” but over the coming weeks he would run straight off the rails, debuting a hairstyle dubbed the “ponyhawk” (note the camera’s focus on it at the ten-second mark of that clip) and turning in increasingly manic performances.

At the very least, she led people to believe that Pia Toscano was a diva worth saving. Lisa Tucker (Season 5, Placed 10th)Singing a song made famous by a former Idol contestant might be one of the show’s biggest risks during the live portion of the season — especially if that song is the property of inaugural Idol Kelly Clarkson. Gil (Season 1, Placed 8th)How are you going to turn down someone who auditions for American Idol with “The Star-Spangled Banner”?

“I just wanted to do a big, belty song,” the then-16-year-old Tucker said in defense of her choice to sing “Because of You.” Sure, Clarkson penned it when she was Tucker’s age, but at the time, the track was still a lite-FM staple, and the comparisons where she fell short came up too easily. Adanna Duru (Season 14, Placed 10th–11th)Duru’s performance of the Dreamgirls devotional “Love You I Do” gained steam after a too-breathy start, but it wasn’t enough to save her from the early ax. Kristen O’Connor (Season 13, Placed 13th)Performed Kelly Clarkson’s “Beautiful Disaster.” Was neither beautiful nor a disaster, just a worst-case scenario. Amanda Overmyer (Season 7, Placed 11th)The “rock-and-roll nurse” at least gets points for honesty. R.” that was torpedoed even further by its lead-off position in the episode — she told Simon Cowell that she was using Idol to preview her live show for her fans, whether they would be catching her on the series’ accompanying tour or at a bar in her hometown. Especially when he lets the high note show off his falsetto?

But Lazaro, a Floridian with a speech impediment who sailed into that year’s finals through the admittedly baller move of singing a song by just-installed judge Keith Urban, hung on long enough that year to make Idol obsessives wonder if his Vote for the Worst endorsement was the equivalent of a Teflon suit.

He wound up being that year’s Last Man Standing, going out (ironically?

Giving yourself a One Republic song to wow the audience off the bat?

It’s like 13 seasons of lectures about song choices never existed. Lindsey Cardinale (Season 4, Placed 12th)“I think 30 million TV sets in America had their volume turned down simultaneously,” Cowell deadpanned after this Louisiana-born hopeful’s version of “Knock on Wood.” 159.

Thia Megia (Season 10, Placed 10th–11th)This America’s Got Talent castoff was mostly notable for her incredibly tone-deaf interpretations of old songs, among them a version of “Smile,” during which she couldn’t stop grinning.He capped his run off with a tweak of Bonnie Raitt’s “Something to Talk About,” replacing the chorus’s “How about love” with a sly “Other than hair.” 165.Lazaro Arbos (Season 12, Placed 6th)Season 12 was designed to break the white-guy-with-guitars logjam that had plagued the Idol winner’s circle since David Cook’s 2008 victory; the male finalists that year were all fine, if flawed.Maddie Walker (Season 14, Placed 10th–11th)A peppy version of “Let’s Hear It for the Boy” couldn’t save this Iowan from one of the most unceremonious double-elimination ceremonies undertaken on the Idol stage. Paige Miles (Season 9, Placed 11th)Cowell claimed that this Floridian had the most potential at the outset of season nine, but she was struck by terrible choices during her brief run on the big stage.Her swan song, a walking-nightmare take on Phil Collins’s “Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)” that was somehow simultaneously yawn-inducing and overdone, was so disappointing that Cowell told her to not even bother trying for the judges’ save. Leah La Belle (Season 3, Placed 12th)Getting the finalist nod from Paula Abdul despite a shaky performance of “Let’s Stay Together” caused the then-nascent Idol internet to turn on this 17-year-old from Seattle, and she was told point-blank by Cowell, “Pack your suitcase; you’re going home,” after a rough performance of “You Keep Me Hangin’ On.” 156.

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